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This information includes identification ID of the VLR area in which the mobile is currently located. The subscriber always has to pay extra for the additional network operation required to maintain his call.

If a handover occurs during a call: After completing the module, the participant should be able to: This means that the main responsibilities of the BSC are: It is not the intention of this section to give a complete explanation of all the units in this section, but only a simple overview of them to give an sywtra. That is, a PCM channel as a whole 8 bits can be switched from any cable to any channel.

However, each message could reach the destination signalling point by using different paths. If the call is addressed to a telephone in a fixed telephone network, it is routed to the PSTN, which in turn routes it to the destination. Location update procedures In this way, the network can keep track of the subscriber all the time, however, that is only a part of the 3

00_Table of Contents 3G SYSTRA(Jan-06)

The particular hardware element inside the Base Transceiver Station Syetra responsible for transmitting and receiving these radio frequencies is appropriately named “transceiver TRX “. GMSK changes the phase of the analogue radio signal depending on whether sstra bit to be transmitted is a 0 or a 1.


The PSTN exchange analyses the dialled number. Also, a preliminary rollout plan should be included. Customers can give valuable information about the network, as their feedback reflects the experienced quality.

Data services It becomes necessary to characterise the bearer specifying the data rates and type of modem to be used.

For a switch with relatively low traffic, the STU can also collect charging data, but for switches which handle high traffic, the CHU Charging Unit is needed to collect charging data. As an example, the following table shows the distribution of frequencies in GSM The result of the 3 is the routing information required eystra finding the mobile network Public Land Mobile Network, PLMN in which the called subscriber has made his subscription.

These events can be the defined call cases or other possible chargeable events, such as location updates. This ensures that the BTSs always receive information from the BSC even if the connection is cut off at some point in the loop. After completing this module, the participant should be able to: Therefore, to enable the traffic connection, maybe two MSCs will have to be connected. Secondly, the gain value is lower than for omnidirectional BTSs. By December there were 32 GSM networks operating in 18 areas.

Alternatively, modem signals coming from the PSTN will be demodulated into digital signals in the GSM network and the unrestricted digital data will be forwarded to the mobile user.

Information about the frequency hopping sequence can systr found in the: It required one signalling channel for every PCM line. The channel combination informs the mobile station about the mapping method used in the particular cell.

Let us take an example to demonstrate these processes. At the moment, the bearer services are divided into 10 categories, each of ststra describes the characteristics of the bearer.


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Authentication procedure If the SRES value in the authentication triplet is the same as the SRES calculated and sent by the mobile station, the authentication procedure is successful. There are a number of solutions that have been designed to overcome these problems: The algorithms A3 and A8 use these digits as a basic value in authentication.

If the called subscriber is registered in a location area belonging to his home network, the connection is established as explained in the previous chapter and the calling subscriber pays for the call. All the GSM networks operate in the same way as explained in the preceding chapters. It is worth remembering thatthe standard emergency number in most fixed networks is also used in GSM networks, even if is not necessarily the standard emergency number in every country.

The signalling goes leg by leg according to the call. The generation and function of the HON are explained in the following text.

The main objective here is to optimise the network in a cost-efficient way.

3G-Systra This book on 3G system .practical book. –

The most important ones are: As we mentioned previously, there are a total of twelve logical channels. The following list highlights some important years in the short history of GSM.

Nokia City Talk and Intratalk both have similar features and can be a one or two cabinet version.