2N from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. 2N Datasheet PDF Download – NPN Transistoor, 2N data sheet. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Transistors are classified according to seven application categories: Within each category, types are arranged in order of increasing value of a key design parameter. This also permits quick identification of close sub- stitutes.

2n914 datasheet pdf

He is not necessarily the original registrant. A cross index page T88 identifies types in numerical sequence. Each type in the cross index carries a code that identifies its application category and specifies the block of 10 types in which it appears.

A3, for example, means the type can be found in the third block of the Audio section. Many manufacturers, upon request, provide detailed application notes and data sheets to the design engineer.

Update Your Transistor File Step 1. It has been tailored to meet your needs as a design engineer— to guide you in the rapid selection of transistors for a particular circuit need.

But unless datazheet have invested much time and effort on your transistor file, it is bound to contain obsolete types and overlook new ones. Leland Airborne Products Div. Condensed catalog and application notes CT Crystalonics, Inc. Electronics Park Syracuse 1, N. Condensed catalog, data sheets and application notes G1 General Instrument Corp. South Minneapolis 8, Minn. Long Island City 6, N. West Newton 65, Mass.

McDowell Road Phoenix 8, Ariz. Condensed catalog and data sheets PH Philco Corp. Will not manufacture after RA Raytheon Co. Condensed catalog SI Siliconix, Inc. Marion and Vine St. Available only to agencies of the U. Condensed catalog, data sheets, application and design notes T1 How to Use the Charts A color code pairs the transistor type with the value 2n94 its key parameter.

Types are listed in order of increasing value of key parameter. Consider, for example, a type in the high-frequency category. Its key char- acteristic will be fae, fr, or fat values of f T are preceded by a single asterisk; values of fat, by a double asterisk. Thus, f T is about h fe times greater than f ae for a dataheet transistor. Under maximum ratings, manufacturers were asked to specify collector power dissipa- tion at 25 2nn914 case temperature, this general- catasheet being the most datasjeet single dissipa- tion rating.


The derating factor can then be used to estimate P c for other operating tem- peratures. Either V CE o or Vcbo is listed as a maximum voltage rating.

V C eo is related to collector- emitter diode breakdown and V C bo to col- lector-base diode breakdown. Where deviations from this occur they are noted.

Finally, it must be cautioned that the char- acteristics listed datashete primarily a guide and generally cannot be used for direct compari- son of types. This is because it is impossible to list the wide variety of test conditions under which characteristics have been meas- ured.

The best bet is to con- sult the manufacturers’ data sheets before making the final selection. In order of increasing forward-current transfer ratio.

GJ ,si 2N TR npn. AJ ,ge npn, DM. AJ ,ge npn, AJ.

AJ, ge pnp, AJ. AJ, ge pnp, DM. AJ, si pnp, AJ. They are ideal for such low-frequency equipment as null-detection apparatus, medical research equipment, oscillo- graphic and magnetic tape recorders, oscilloscopes and all types of low-level transducers. You also get good low-frequency response and stable circuit operation. Advanced low-level planar technology of Texas Instruments 2N and 2N transistors makes possible high gain at low current levels, plus the extremely low leakage currents necessary for true low-noise performance.

These special characteristics allow direct coupling of low-level, high- impedance sources. High gain at low levels plus very thin regions in these units combine to offer low power consumption and high radiation resistance to make the 2N and 2N ideal for space applications. These advanced units offer you ultra-high performance from dc to me, typical mid-frequency noise figures of less than 2 db, and increased high-frequency stability through guaranteed maximum output capacitance of 2. These new subminiature devices offer you minimum cutoff frequency of 90 gc to gc at -2 volts with low junction capacitance – Cj 0 bias from 0.

Your production-line require- ments for identical plug-in units are met through tight control of junction and package characteristics. Please address your card or letter to Department and specify which of these four information files you desire.

Datasheet Page , pdf datasheet & application note

Ask your authorized Tl distributor about ” Transistor Circuit Design an informative new hardbound book for circuit designers authored by 32 Tl engineers and published by McGraw-Hill. AJ, ge npn, DM, si pnp. AJ ,ge pnp,AJ,ge pnp. AJ ,ge 65 65 pnp.

(PDF) 2N914 Datasheet download

AJ, si npn,AJ,ge pnp. The brochure comprehensively reviews the advantages in reducing weight, vo ume and cost of equipment in circuit applications in addition to detailed parameter distribution and variation curves.


AJ, ge pnp,AJ,si pnp. AJ, ge pnp,AJ,ge npn. AJ ,si pnp,AJ,ge pnp. AMP i 1. Tl, RCA [ 85 1. Extremely low leakage as low as InA max. These new microelectronic devices have two closely matched low-level NPN silicon planar transistors, electrically isolated but thermally connected, in a single 6-lead TO-5 package.

Production quantities are pre- sently available. Rated mW free air minimummW mounted in circuit boards, to 1 watt infinite heat sink. Microminiature devices for high density circuit applications. Repre- sentative Types are E.

Hard backs with ex- tremely low noise and dynamic imped- ance. Silicon Capacitor Diodes Medium 0 devices with good stability and low leakage. Silicon Computer Diodes Diffused planar passivated. Inversive working voltages to volts. Recovery times as low as 2 nsec using a sampling scope circuit. Germanium Point Contact Diodes The first industry standard subminiature glass general purpose and computer diode. Proven stability with inverse working voltages to volts.

Recovery times as low as 0. Germanium Gold Bonded Diodes General purpose and computer appli- cations. Recovery times as low as 3. Forward currents to 0. Oxide-coated surface passivated units with working inverse voltages up to 1, volts. Manufactured by the evaporative-fus- ion technique which creates unusually low saturation resistance. Retain highly uniform characteristics from batch to batch, making possible much closer tolerances in the design of small-signal, high-temperature and amplifier circuits.

Offer many out- standing features: High breakdown voltages in com- bination with gains, plus exception- ally fast-switching capabilities, make these superior general purpose units.

Used extensively in advan- ced missile, satellite and computer applications. Feature high breakdown voltages, exceptionally low leakage currents, typically 20 nanoamps, meas- ured at stringent bias conditions. Most typesofferguaranteed switching times of less than 50 nanoseconds. Standard Metal Package Rectifiers Available at ratings of 6, 12, 20 and 35 amps. PIV ratings’are from 50 to 1, volts for the 6 and 12 amp packages.

Maximum forward voltage drop of less than 1. Stacked Rectifiers and Assemblies Custom designed stacked rectifiers are available up to 60 kv with currents up to 20 amp. These designs make use of the R-C compensation to assure long life and high reliability. Bridge assemblies for 3-phase and single-phase designs and potted con- figurations available— minimum de- liveries and costs. These offer impressive savings in time, money and space. For more details on any of these prod- ucts contact your nearest Hughes rep- resentative.