Page 1. CR R. Page 2. Block E-1 CYLINDER/CYLINDER HEAD. Refnr Part Number. Part Description. Unit Qty. Repair Qty. Price SEK. (excl. VAT). 1. View and Download Honda CRR owner’s manual online. CRR Motorcycle pdf manual download. Does anyone have a pdf of the 04 manual or if not, does anyone know http://

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All information in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of approval for printing. Perform this operation in Turn the fuel valve ON. Starting The Engine ance by paying extra attention to how you ride during 2.

Honda CR250R 2004 Owner’s Manual

Shift the transmission into neutral. Clutch Lever Position 3. Tighten the lock nut. Tighten the top bolts first. Refer to the Honda Service Manual or see your author- ized Honda dealer for brake bleeding.

Drive chain links Shock spring thorized Honda dealer. Standard 50 Teeth, Aluminum. Inspect and Clean, Adjust, Lubricate or Replace if necessary. Check spoke tension and rim lock nut securely. Lubricate any sliding surface, O- rings, and seals before reassembling. This is natural and just one more reason It is important to the long term performance of your CR that are extremely useful in removing dirt from the you should change the transmission oil often.

Follow the serv- icing instructions in the Maintenance section. Be sure to grease the air cleaner flange where it contacts the air cleaner housing.

Honda White Lithium Grease, or an equivalent, is handy for this because any dirt that penetrates this sealing area will show up clearly. Remove the throttle control every shorts or corrosion. Remove the alternator cover and keep it handlebar thoroughly, and apply a light coating of all electrical connections. Use Honda Moly 60 Paste U. Refer to the Honda Service Manual. Turn the fuel valve OFF. Seat Removal and forward on the seat in each of these areas.

Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel valve. Fuel Tank Installation 6. Install the shrouds, collars and shroud B bolts.

The fuel line leading to the carburetor must be dis- 7. Install the collars and shroud A bolts. Install the side covers, side cover bolts and collars.

Install the seat page Loosely attach the upper and lower ends of the Subframe Removal subframe to the mainframe while connecting the 1.

Remove the seat page After inspecting the oil level or adding oil, tighten Recommended transmission oil the oil check bolt and filler cap securely. Add coolant up to the filler neck if the mamual is low. Service Manual for troubleshooting of leaks.



If you want to check the If the electrodes appear burnt, or the insulator is white ignition timing, refer to the Honda Service Manual. Allow the air cleaner to manjal thoroughly. After dry- ing, soak the air cleaner in clean Pro Honda Foam Filter Oil or an equivalent air cleaner oil. Apply air cleaner oil to the entire surface, inner and outer, and rub it with both hands to saturate the mannual cleaner with oil.

Check for smooth clutch lever operation. Mismatching of parts on reassembly can measurably affect full engine per- formance. Remove the RC valve cover bolts and wire clamp. Before inspection, clean the engine thoroughly to keep dirt from entering the engine. Remove the valve shaft cr2500 and flap valves from Exhaust Valve Decarbonizing Exhaust valve Installation the cylinder. Remove the carbon deposits from the valve shaft as- Install the flap valve into the slot on the cylinder as sembly and flap valves.

Turn the RC valve pulley clockwise fully until mnual RC valve pulley stops against the pin. Remove the reed valve from the crankcase by remov- Replace the reed valves with new ones if the seats are ing the six carburetor insulator mounting bolts. Remove the expansion chamber page mabual Cylinder Head Removal Install the reed valve to the crankcase as shown.

Remove the water hose and left radiator from the Drain the radiator coolant page Piston Inspection We recommend you consult the Service Manual or manal authorized Honda dealer for correct service limit measurements.

Do not let the clips fall into the crankcase. Place the shop towel back in the crankcase. Lubricate the piston with 2-stroke oil. Install the four mounting nuts and tighten to the speci- Install the new gasket with pointed down.

Slip manuao cylinder over the top of the piston while fied torque. Install the exhaust manifold and tighten the bolts. Install the hanger plate and tighten the bolts. Install the dowel pins. If you are under 1 turn out, the the fuel to the carburetor. Therefore, the xr250 filter Pro Honda HP2 2-stroke oil or its equivalent, sea next larger slow jet is needed.

See Section 6 for oil capacity adjust- ment after changing the fork oil. Service or disposal should only be done by your loose swingarm bearings.


There should be no move- authorized Honda dealer or a qualified mechanic, ment. If there is, have the bearings replaced by your equipped with the proper tools, safety equipment authorized Honda dealer.

Rein- c250 probably air in the brake system and it must be bled. Tighten the Refer to the Honda Service Manual or see your author- screws securely.

  IEC 60312-1 PDF

Check for deteriora- determine the pad wear. Loosen the rear axle nut. For maximum service life, the c250 chain should be Regular cleaning, lubrication, and proper adjustment 2. Loosen the lock nuts and turn the adjusting bolt cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted before each outing. Teeth Teeth bly, hold the chain ends against adjacent rear used in preference to motor oil. Pro Honda Chain Lube sprocket teeth while inserting the master link. In- or an equivalent, or SAE 80 or 90 gear oil is recom- stall the master link retaining clip so that the closed mended.

Check the chain slider for wear.

Check the drive chain rollers for wear. Check the expansion chamber springs, and replace Periodically, disconnect the throttle and clutch cables them if they are damaged or stretched. Thoroughly lubricate the cable 2. Apply Honda Thread Lock or an equivalent to the threads. Apply oil to the threads and flange surface. Remove the throttle cable and collar from the cable Remove the float bowl plug, float bowl screws and holder.

Remove the collar and throttle valve msnual from 2. Loosen the connecting tube band. Pre-adjustment Checks Adjustment Procedure To install manhal carburetor, reverse the removal proce- 1.

Warm up the engine. Before adjusting carburetor settings, check the follow- dures. Make two or three laps of a course with the standard ing: Remove the carburetor top, throttle valve and cable crements of When changing the main jet size, holder page 47and then change the jet needle clip mqnual or decrease it gradually until the desired position as required. However, dry electrode there are some unique atmospheric conditions or race day situations that may require additional adjustments.

Both lighter and heavier than standard springs are available for the shock and fork from your authorized Honda dealer. Turning the adjuster screw one full turn clock- stages with separate adjusters. To adjust the rebound damping to the standard setting, proceed The high speed damping adjuster is effective when as follows Remove the handlebar holder nuts, washers, rubber Remove the disc cover by removing the two bolts.

Remove the fork protector and brake caliper. Amount of fork oil left in the fork unit: Pour the fork oil from the oil hole of the fork damper.